No Load/Load Waved Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios

Portfolio # 1 - Conservative Growth & Income

Our most conservative portfolio blends fixed-income investments for current income plus value and balanced high dividend paying stock and stock/bond funds. An exposure to growth or international may also be included to add growth potential and diversification. This portfolio may be expected to have more stability and higher current dividends. May be suitable for an individual seeking current income from capital gains and dividends plus growth of capital through bond and value plus growth stock funds. (This portfolio may also be customized more towards Income).

Portfolio # 2 - Moderate Growth

A balanced diversified portfolio of value and growth stock funds and may include international for diversification and fixed-income bond funds for stability. It’s total return composition may be suitable for a lower risk growth investor or an investor desiring current income from capital gains and a high potential for long-term growth of capital.

Portfolio # 3 - Growth

Primarily a growth stock fund portfolio more equity oriented then Moderate Growth. This portfolio may still maintain value equity and fixed-income positions including international. May be suitable for a longer term growth investor or a compliment as a secondary portfolio to Moderate Growth.

Portfolio # 4 - Aggressive Growth

Fully oriented toward growth, aggressive growth, large, mid and small cap stock funds including international, developing markets, and industry or area specific. This portfolio seeks maximum capital appreciation. Investors should be willing to accept greater market volatility for potential greater capital appreciation.

Note: Individual portfolios may vary based upon a client’s specific goals and objectives.
All Portfolios may include Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) or Sector Funds including Country, Sector or Asset Class Specific.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. All investments have some degrees of risk and your original investment is subject to market fluctuations.
Mutual Funds and ETF's are not insured or guaranteed by the U.S. Government, bank or FDIC.
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